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Welcome to propermastering.

Adding finishing touches to your musical projects to meet the desired industry standard is what we do. We’re a modern mastering studio in Würzburg providing industry standard masterings that translate perfectly on big festival stages as well as every end-user speaker systems.

Clients (Artists, A-Z)

Adaptiv, Anna Grey, Another Life, Biervampir, Caro Winter, Cupstadt, Diode Eins, Dux N Bass, Fatcat, Elias Jakob, El3ctrio, EvaRed, Hank, Hannes Rall, Harris & Ford, HBZ, The Holy Santa Barbara, Gestört Aber Geil, Joelina, Leony, Lightrain, Luca Dante-Spadafora, Macon, Niklas Dee, Pane Mua, Redax, Sem Eisinger, Stephen Dürr, VIZE

Clients (Labels, A-Z)

Ableton, Bassrush, Crash Your Sound, Deep State, Kontor, Never Say Die, Sony, Universal, Virgin

mastering is simple, but not easy.

Starting out as a producer himself, Raphael made the move to mastering in 2020 and has been working for various clients in the music industry ever since. His high-end analog mastering studio provides industry standard results for every genre.

As a bonus, we at propermastering offer comprehensive free and paid Ableton Live and Max For Live devices for you to download, enjoy and possibly improve your personal mastering skills. You can find them over at our Gumroad shop:

If you need your tracks to be mastered at industry standard let us know about your project and get in touch – you’re also welcome to join us in our main mastering studio in Heidelberg, Germany. By the way, we’re proudly running our gear on 100% renewable energy and will provide you with excellent, locally produced espresso during attended sessions! Learn more about our coffee providing genius at:

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